Cutman Corner

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Professional boxing, UFC cutman & handwrapper


My first job on fight night is, in my eyes one of the most important and that is wrapping the fighters hands, I know from first-hand experience how important that is not only from a physical point of view but a mental one as well. Having confidence in your handwrapper is key as the slightest defect or doubt in that handwraps could be the difference between winning and losing and to some fighters that’s more than just a loss on their record, it could be a career ending injury, a financial loss, missing out on that world title shot or their last chance to really make it. I see on a regular basis all too often fighters cutting corners with their handwraps and materials all because it may cost a little more getting kitted out by a professional but it could potentially cost him a lot more in the long run so with the knowledge and experience I have gathered over the years I know all too well that you can’t put a price on the tools of your trade!

Developing the perfect product

When Empire Tapes first got in touch offering me the opportunity to help develop a product to rival all others I obviously jumped at the chance as there was a massive void in the market over here for a top quality product and as my job is being a professional cutman/handwrapper my first and foremost priority has and always will be fighter safety, so as it’s taken nearly a year to develop their Pro Tape I really do believe they have produced the perfect product which is a must for any fighter whether it’s for the gym, ring, cage or mats! Its durability and adhesive properties make it second to none and being a professional in my trade I wouldn’t use any old tape as I only want the best for my fighters which will then in turn give them the confidence to ‘keep on fighting!’

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